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La Fee Verte Shot Glass

Stunning 'forest glass' art nouveau
style shot glass.
Approx. 65mm high
Product code ACWT2
Price £17.00


La Fee Verte Tumbler
Beautiful traditional absinthe tumbler   in forest glass.
Approximately 180mm high.
Product Code: ACWT3
Price: £25.00




 alchemy pendants



Absinthe Fairy Pendant
This necklace depicts the spirit of wormwood rising from the absinthe green enamelled visage of mortality. 
It is also decorated with swarovski crystal.
Product Code: P526
Price: £22.00



Anguistralobe pendant
This lovely pewter and brass pendant    is  a working miniature of an 18th century instrument of measuring the direct path of destiny between     specified heavenly bodies.
Product Code: P18
Price: £18.50



Anguis Aeternus
The Dragon of Eternity sustains the faceted vitrail crystal of life; Swarovski crystal. Dimensions; Height:56mm, Width:54mm, Depth:16mm,
Product Code: P346
Price: £ 16.00


The Whitby Wyrm
The legendary North Yorkshire
servant of the Antichrist rampant.
Product Code: P323
Price: £15.00


La Nuit
A crystal luxuriance on the 
wings of the night.
Product Code: P600
Price: £14.50


Wolverine Moon
Beware the full moon and the silver dagger; with two moonstones.
Product Code: P229
Price: £17.00


Dragon Heart
For the black-hearted flight of fancy; pewter dragon's wings set with giant  black heart- shaped Swarovski crystal.
Product Code: P334
Price: £17.00


Blood Moon
A skein of bats flitters about this
deep and sinister portent.
Product Code: p447
Price: £17.00


Rod of Asclepius
Symbol of the omnipotent Greek god
of healing and a natural receptacle for secret and elixial potions; (strong glass vial with cork stopper).
Product Code: P529
Price: £20.00


 Death Of A Vampire
The Swarovski 'Siam' crystal  heart of     a vampire, immutably staked and  eternally consigned to ashes and oblivion.
Product Code: P495
Price: £18.00


Rose of Passion
'The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be'; unique black pewter finish, studded with Swarovski crystals & hung on a satin and bead necklace.
Product Code: P560
Price: £21.50


Requiem Volatilis
'Death on the Wing' - the ephemerally mournful symbol of mortality weeps obsidian tears; with Swarovski Jet crystal droppers.
Product Code: P575
Price: £21.50



Black ribbon choker of funerary grace  with black Onyx gemstone.
Product Code: P408
Price: £20.50


Demon of chaos and destruction - wild and uncontrollable.
Product Code: P649
Price: £16.00


Birth of a Demon
The skull of an emerging nightmare.
Product Code: P622
Price: £15.00


Dragon Skull
Primitive ferocity unleashed.
Product Code: P526
Price: £16.00



The Alchemist
Classic skull of the philosopher; black rose two-tone.
Product Code: P26
Price: £9.00

p446 p453  

alchemy bracelets




In Nomini Patrie Bracelet
This beautiful hand cast pewter bracelet is anamethyst swarovski crystal mounted, latin inscribed bangle of the high church. Size: medium, adjustable.
Product Code: A41
Price: £22.00


Runering Strap




Dead Man's Cuff
Bangle style bracelet inspired by traditional C18th pirate-style decoration and "dead man's" skull. One size Adj. Height:28mm, Width:76mm, Depth:65mm, Weight:47g.
Product Code: A61
Price: £23.00


Mort Etoile Bangle
The central, stellar- cut Swarovski crystal, is focal in this uber- glamourous, 20's period accessory and complementary bangle to its related necklace and set. Size: Small.
Product Code: A82S
Price: £25.50


Black Romance Bangle
Wear your heart on your sleeve a black heart, wrapped around your wrist by spreadeagled wings of ethereal flight.   Size: Small.
Product Code: A83S
Price: £23.00


alchemy rings 



Demi Alchemist Ring
A classic portrayal of the Alchemist with black rose.  Size: W (for men).
Product Code: R16
Price: £13.00



Broken Heart Ring
A Stunning double-sided ring of love, pain and sorrow, featuring an   enamelled heart obscuring a deep-set skull.
Size: N
Product Code: R123
Price: £14.00


r134 resize


Betrothal Ring
A miniature rococo masterpiece 
of romantic metaphor, with the blood red enamelled heart of passion. 
Size: N.
Product Code: R134
Price: £12.00

r22 or philosophy resize

Or Philosophy
The philosophy of perfection  unto death, immortalised by theubiquitous skull & bones motif; two-tone pewter.  Size: N.
Product Code: R22
Price: £13.00



The Great Wish-Ring
The Latin inscription 'MEUS OPUS MAGNUS' is the Alchemical spiritual wish for 'The complete fulfilment of life'.
Product Code: R36
Price: £8.50

r60 pugin cross resize

Pugin Cross
Multi panelled gothic revival band; enamelled. Size:N.
Product Code: R60
Price: £12.00

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