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Dragon's Claw Shot Glass
Dragon motifs decorate the pewter cross base of this hard
liquor glass.
Product Code:CWT26
Price: £16.00




Alchemist Shot Glass
'Drink a health to yourself with the wisest of them all-Death
and the Black Rose!'
Product Code: CWT47
Price: £12.00


Red Pentagram Purse
A gorgeous burgundy-red edition of this popular evening purse with an embossed pentagram, curb chain shoulder strap and decorated zip. Approximately 14cm in diameter. Product Code: LG63
Price: £29.50



Empire 'Captainette' Purse
High-flying adventurer's shoulderpurse of 'vintage' cotton canvas and leather with adjustable strap. Approx. dimensions; Height:140mm, Width:190mm, Depth:65mm, Weight:19g.
Product Code: LG61
Price: £25.50




Alchemy Playing Cards
A full set of playing cards, featuring a plethora of original Alchemy artwork.
Product Code: Card 8
Price: £7.00


alchemy earrings text

e147 Alchemist studs (pair)
Miniature Alchemist skulls for Acolytes incognito. Dimensions; Height:10mm, Width:11mm, Depth:13mm, Weight:1g.
Product Code: E147
Price: £6.50





Black Widow studs pair
Worn to demonstrate contrition or predatory instincts. Dimensions;Height:14mm, Width:10mm, Depth:14mm, Weight:1g.
Product Code: E169
Price: £7.00




e279 whitby wyrms resizeWhitby Wyrm studs (pair)
The image of an English legend; with surgical steelposts. Dimensions; Height:12mm, Width:12mm, Depth:14mm Weight:1g.
Product Code: E279
Price: £ 7.00

e164 pentagram resize


Pentagram Studs (pair)
Miniature pentagrams for magical discretion. Dimensions; Height:7mm, Width:7mm, Depth:13mm, Weight:1g.
Product Code: E164
Price: £5.50


Mortal Remains (Cuff-stud)
Traces of human existence cling desperately to life; with surgical steel post.
Product Code: E278
Price: £9.00

e212 Coeur Noir (Cuff-stud)
Fettered, dark passion, displayed by the enamelled black heart.
Product Code: E212
Price: £9.50


Mirror of the Soul (pair)
The dark, gothic heart reveals
death within. Height : 46mm
Product Code: E271
Price: £16.00


 Westenra Spica (Pair)
Completing Lucy Westenra's post-Whitby jewel set.
Product Code: E289
Price: £18.00


Crux Angelicum (pair)
A blessed piece of the angel's cross, for divine intervention. Product Code: E285
Price: £16.00


Incy Studs (Pair)
1920's 'moderne' style, black
crystal droppers, enamelled and
set with Swarovski crystals.
Product Code: E306

Price: £17.00


Bestia Regalis (pair)
Dramatically elegant regal beasts, articulated to attract enviable attention; with Emerald Swarovski crystals.
Product Code: E286
Price: £17.00


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