Pendant Watches

In our general gift range we offer a variety of ideas

for those hard to buy for friends and family! From

stunning pendants to beautiful hand crafted kitchenware

we aim to cover it all. We also have a 'gifts for him

and her range' which is dedicated to providing unique and

inspiring gift ideas.


General Gifts :

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deathly hollows jpg

Large 'Deathly Hallows' Inspired Pendant Watch
This stunning pendant watch
bears the deathly hallows symbol on the front and opens up to reveal a delicate watch face.
Spare battery included.

snitch pocket watch
Golden Snitch Style
Pendant Watch
Harry Potter style golden
snitch opens to reveal delicate watch face. Also features independent golden wings. Spare battery included.
Price: £12

deathly hollows zodiac

Large 'Deathly Hallows' Inspired Zodiac Pendant Watch
This stunning pendant watch bears the deathly hallows symbol on the front but is also surrounded by engraved zodiac markings. Spare battery included.
Price: £13.50

harry potter with angel

Harry Potter Inspired Pendant Watch With Angel Charm
This lovely winged bronze pendant watch has a raised glass face and has an additional angel charm attached.

skele wolf pendant'Skeleton' Wolf Pendant Watch
An unusual pendant watch with
a rib-effect front and detachable wolf face charm.

filigree heart pendant

Filigree Heart Pendant Watch
A stunning heart shaped pendant woth intricate filigree front case
and a silver glittered heart watch face inside.


filigree pendant watch

Bronze Tone Filigree Pendant

Bronze filigree pocket watch
with a beautifully engraved back.
Price: £8.00


clear antique pocket watchSpherical Antique Style
Pendant Watch

This lovely pendant  pocket watch has a clear glass face revealing an antique roman numeral watch
Price: £10.00

spiderball pocket watch new

Spiderball Steampunk Pendant Watch
Steampunk inspired pendant
watch with intricate engravings
and an additional bronze spider charm.
Price: £12.00

star pendant watch
Mozaic Effect Bronze Tone Pendant Watch
A stylish hollow faced pendant
watch with classic roman numeral face.


Lovely Roman Numeral Pendant Watch
Classic roman numeral
pendant watch with the back of the watch beautifully engraved.
Price: £8.00

bronze flower pocket watch

Bronze Tone Flower Pendant Watch
A small bronze tone pendant
watch with an open flower face.
Price: £8.00

bow and srrow pendant watch

Bronze Tone Pendant Watch With 'Katniss' (Hunger Games)
Inspired Bow
Beautiful bronze tone pocket watch with swirling petal pattern and Hunger Games inspired bow
and arrow charm

 flower steampunk pendant

Golden Filligree Flower
Pendant Watch
A Lovely filligree flower cover with
a white enamel watch face and arabic numerals.



Set of 2 New Home Keyrings


Set of 2 'Home Sweet Home' Glasses


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